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About OISF

About the Ohio Information Security Forum

The Ohio Information Security Forum (OISF) is a group of professionals and enthusiasts with a shared information security, network and system administration, engineering, and related computing technology backgrounds.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

  • Sharing knowledge of security technologies
  • Sharing expertise and solutions to issues
  • Collaborating with fellow information security peers
  • Conducting training programs for security and non-security professionals
  • Sharing experiences with security products and solutions

We all have the common objective to better secure our digital world. In doing so, open discussions center on security issues which include:

  • Emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Hacking techniques and trends
  • Defense techniques & strategies
  • Laws & regulations
  • Recent trends in security

Monthly Meetings

Since 2006, we have been meeting regularly the second Thursday of each month. With the help of Sinclair Community College, the OISF has been able to regularly host meetings at The Learning Center at Miami Valley Research Park, 1900 Founders Drive in Kettering, Ohio (for details, see our Details page).

During the last three years, we have been fortunate to have a varied group of security professionals participating in the Ohio Information Security Forum. As a result, discussions are an integral part to the success of OISF meetings – discussions that reveal the many aspects to the security challenges we all face in today’s marketplace.

The OISF begins each meeting (currently 6:00pm) with a time to socialize with peers. And, with thanks to our sponsors, food and refreshments are served. Come early – even with plenty of food, the growth in attendance doesn’t always assure latecomers to a slice of leftover pizza. YOU are the key to great meetings. Tutorials, demonstrations, training exercises, best practice sessions, security updates, and other varied presentations focused on security – are the results of your efforts.

There is no cost or fee to belong to the forum nor are you required to be a regular attendee to belong. Everyone involved in administrating or engineering computer systems are welcome to join us.

Our Values

  • Encouraged open discussion
  • Encourage new ideas and methods
  • Active participation among peers
  • Vendor neutrality

Code of Conduct

  • Professional and ethical manner is required at all times
  • Courteous and mutual respect to fellow participants
  • No misrepresentation of abilities to other participants or the community
  • Maintain confidentiality of information which could be construed sensitive
  • Member information is held confidential (i.e., names, email addresses, etc.)
  • Information obtained through the OISF is not for use to exploit vulnerabilities or inappropriate manner


  • Free; there is no cost or obligation
  • Participation and contribution are required; the OISF is only as good as you make it
  • Name and email address requested for correspondence
  • Open to anyone in information technology, students of computer science and/or engineering
  • No discrimination or restriction based on sex, race, religion, or ethnic/national origin

Terms of Use

Confidentiality is implied unless otherwise stated. As discussions may involve confidential issues relating to a particular company, all participants are required to abide to a code of conduct mandating confidentiality. Participants are never to use proprietary or confidential information as discussed in meetings or on website to disparage a company(s) or person(s) reputation nor use it in a negative way against a said company.

Details regarding participation are kept confidential and only used by the Board of Directors to communicate details relating to OISF meetings and special events. Therefore, contact information will not be shared with any vendor without express consent.

Board of Directors

  • Consists of (5) members
  • Meeting and event logistics
  • Board members dedicate their time to running and managing the group
  • Board members are not paid a salary or monetarily compensated, it is strictly a volunteer effort.

Contact information

Contact us at: info@ohioinfosec.org