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Meeting Agenda - January 8th, 2015

8th January 2015

This meeting will be in the Garden West room! Same building!


Food and drinks served


A brief overview of the Ohio Information Security Forum.

Presentation: Simple Network Management Pwnd

By: Matthew Kienow


Solo presentation of Deral Heiland and Matthew Kienow's DerbyCon 4.0 talk "Simple Network Management Pwnd" - As a large number of embedded devices are deployed throughout home and industry worldwide. We find little or no effort being made to properly secure SNMP services, as a result potentially millions of these devices expose access to their SNMP services over the Internet. This creates a silent killer. Users are unaware as attackers can easily leverage these services to extract critical data and potentially alter security features leading to further compromise. During this presentation we will deliver an in depth examination of the SNMP protocol and associated device MIB security issues. Covering such topics as SNMP protocols, MIBs structures, Information extraction methodologies. Leveraging live demonstrations we will also show several examples of critical data leakage, and walk the audience through methods for extracting data and performing comparative analysis for the purpose of discovering critical information stored in SNMP private MIBs.


Matthew Kienow is a software engineer and independent security researcher. He has designed, built, and successfully deployed secure software solutions, however, often enjoys breaking them instead.

Presentation: An Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

By: Josh Muller


What are bitcoins and why are they valuable? How does the Bitcoin network and payment system work? How can one secure his/her bitcoin wallet? How does one buy or sell bitcoins? What are the some of the implications of Bitcoin for society? These and other questions will be addressed in the presentation, “An Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.”


A Dayton-area network systems consultant by day and a cryptocurrency enthusiast by night, Josh has been fascinated with computers & technology from a young age. As a child, he built & rebuilt computers, and built a website for a friend’s company at the age of 12. While taking some programming classes in high school, his interests shifted towards system administration & network security, and he began working in the field of IT shortly after graduation. In college, his interests expanded towards finance & economics, and after discovering Bitcoin and other innovative digital currencies he has been a supporter of them ever since. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, he began his career in IT which he continues to this day.