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The Ohio InfoSec Forum Anniversary meeting is here! All day on July 9th, come get your fill of food, security topics, and good fun. Registration, speaker list, and directions can be found here.

Who We Are

The Ohio Information Security Forum is a group of enthusiasts and professionals involved in information security, networking, system administration, engineering, and other computing environments that come together to help secure our digital world. We do this through the following:

  • Network with fellow information security peers
  • Collaborate and Learn about security practices
  • Conduct training programs for security and non-security people
  • Share knowledge of security technologies
  • Share experiences with security products
  • Share expertise and solutions relating to security issues

The Ohio Information Security Forum meets the second Thursday of each month to focus on the discussion of security issues, emerging security threats & vulnerabilities, hacking techniques & trends, defense, techniques & strategies, laws & regulations, and recent trends in security.

Ohio Information Security Forum

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