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Meeting Agenda - February 12th, 2015

12th February 2015

This meeting will be in the Garden West room! Same building!


Food and drinks served


A brief overview of the Ohio Information Security Forum.

Presentation: linja: The Stealthy Linux Debugger

By: Jason Todd, Caesar Creek Software


Debuggers are usually helpful in dynamic analysis of software... that is, unless the software in question is malware. Your unfriendly neighborhood trojan or worm hates debuggers. On the Windows platform, there exists a selection of debuggers with various levels of "anti-anti-debugger" capabilities. In the Linux/Unix world, where malware is becoming more common, we have little more than GDB. While GDB works pretty well for everyday debugging, when pitted against malware it's far too trusting... and vulnerable. Presented here is linja, a stealthy debugger for Linux systems. Written from the ground up to remain invisible to its targets, linja provides the same insight, control, and extensibility expected of a good debugger. This presentation will coincide with the release of linja, licensed under the GPL!


Jason Todd is a systems engineer at Caesar Creek Software in southwest Ohio ( The lowest, deepest levels of software have always been his playground. From kernel subsystems (e.g. schedulers, memory management) to the intricate details of several CPU architectures (e.g. assembly language, MMU interfaces), Jason enjoys researching and experimenting within the innermost worlds of software.

Presentation: Cloud Sec, let's crowdsource it.

By: Dan Wilkins


Come ready to discuss the cloud, horror stories and success stories. This will be highly interactive and will include a follow-up presentation the following month.