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Meeting Agenda - September 10th, 2015

10th September 2015


Food and drinks served


A brief overview of the Ohio Information Security Forum.

An Introduction to Kali Linux

By: Dan Wilkins


A complete introduction to Kali Linux, the number one pentesting Linux distribution. This talk will be the foundation for many of the tools we talk about in future meetings. Really cool stuff!

Low Level Terrorism: New Tools for Modern Activists

By: Virgil Văduva


A discussion on the current landscape of State surveillance, crypto, and new tools aimed at subverting surveillance and helping activists meet their goals. In addition, I'll discuss two new tools I am working on, the Cell platform and the Cell 411 app I released about a month ago.


Virgil is the founder of 614con, he writes and speaks on security topics and has over 18 years of security experience in corporate America. Currently he is taking time off from security work to learn how to make the best soy sauce in the world, develop mobile apps and think of new ways to help activists stay out of trouble.