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Meeting Agenda - January 12th, 2017

12th January 2017


Food and drinks served


A brief overview of the Ohio Information Security Forum.

Roll your own $100 HSM-based Certification Authority

By: Evan Anderson


This talk is a review and demonstration of an inexpensive hardware security module, the Nitrokey HSM. We examine the practical concerns encountered using this module in a PKI/code signing system we developed for a client. We will demo using the device to create an HSM-backed certification authority with open source tools. This sub-$100 device puts a very functional HSM well within the financial reach of small business and individuals.


Evan Anderson has worked in contract IT services since 1998. He is currently a partner in Wellbury Information Services of Dayton, OH. His infosec-related work includes security architecture reviews, application and network penetration testing, and training clients in financial, medical, and public policy sectors.

An Introduction to Ansible Automation

By: Tom Webster


The first step to securing your environment is to know that things are configured properly, from firewall rules to your ssh configuration. Oh, you set those up years ago? Think they're all the same across all of your servers? What about that one time you changed that one thing when trying to fix an issue, did you ever go back and re-secure your configs?

In this talk, I'll walk you through the very basics of Ansible and how you can use it to get your environment configured and keep it in check. I'll focus mainly on Ansible set up, ssh configuration, and iptables rules.


Tom Webster is a Linux Sysadmin at Cincinnati Bell and part of the board for the Ohio InfoSec Forum. He's constantly breaking, fixing, and researching things as well as ranting over at and Twitter.